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Crack and Control Joint Repairs

An example of our capabilities is the 143,000 linear feet of repairs at the Alamo & National Car Rental Facility located at Denver International Airport.

Epoxy Applications

An example of our epoxy application is the Case Logic Warehouse in Boulder, Colorado.

Pool Deck Repairs

An example of our pool repairs is at the Denver Cascade Mobile Home Park.

Concrete Surface Sealing/Hardening

An example of this work is at the Home Depot in Lafayette, Colorado.

Patch Work

An example of our patch work is curb repair surrounding the building at the Park Meadows Mall.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

An example of our work is at Fox Studios in downtown Denver. The lobby floor had to be flat enough for tile; we poured for 13 hours continually to correct a floor.

Drain Installation and Evaluation

Examples of our drain installation work:

1,004 linear feet of graduated trench drain installed in a parking garage at One Denver Highlands to provide proper drainage.

Drains for the truck docks at Costco in Littleton, Colorado. It was a big, dirty job that turned out beautifully!

Urethane Deck Coating

An example of our work with urethane deck coating is at the Art Institute of Colorado parking garage facility, located in downtown Denver.




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