Protect Your Existing Concrete

The CONCRETE DOCTOR has the following suggestions to protect the concrete surfaces at your new home:
1. Use snow melting products that DO NOT use salt (sodium chloride) as an ingredient
2. Do not allow water to pool and saturate your concrete for extended periods of time. Concrete is porous by nature. If water pools, it will not only stain your concrete but will penetrate the surface and cause additional damage
3. Check your concrete periodically for cracks and movement of slabs. While small hairline cracks should usually be left alone (repairs will be more noticeable than the crack), large cracks should be sealed to prevent water seepage. Also, watch for excessive movement of the concrete slabs. This will result in open areas that allow water to seep under the slabs, or next to your foundation.
4. Watch for possible drainage problems around the foundation and garage areas. The ground should slope away from these areas to prevent water saturation and leakage into living spaces.
5. One effective method for extending the life of your concrete is to have it sealed or sealed and hardened.
The CONCRETE DOCTOR offers a number of services to care for your concrete: caulking of cracks and control joints, power washing, and sealing/hardening of concrete surfaces.

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